Laird technology
Introduction :

To meet the demands of an increasingly wireless world, Laird Technologies integrates its Radio Frequency (RF) modules into applications previously communicated by cables. Our high-performance antennas,omega replica watches shielding, and signal integrity products deliver complete solutions and full wireless systems capability.

Laird Wireless Systems (LWS) comprises our ,  and products. Markets served include IT, telecom, industrial & instrumentation, automotive/transportation, medical, mining and railroad.

Telematics & Wireless M2M

Laird Technologies designs and manufactures industry-leading smart antenna solutions, combining advanced, low-profile antennas with wireless radios, I/O circuitry, and firmware to enable applications from asset tracking to pay-as-you-drive insurance, from fleet management to theft recovery.

We supply technologies that support all cellular, GPS, Satellite Digital Audio Radio Systems (SDARS), HD radio, and other applications.


Laird Technologies Telematics & Wireless M2M is also a leading supplier of leading of embedded RF modules for ZigBee®, Bluetooth®, WLAN, and proprietary RF M2M (machine-to-machine) communication systems.

Markets served Replique Montre include asset tracking, EPOS (Electronic Point-of-Sale), OEM and aftermarket automotive, and healthcare.

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Infrastructure Antenna Systems

Laird Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures high-performance indoor and outdoor antenna solutions for WLAN, BWA, WIMAX, LTE, Cellular, RFID, and LMR applications. Our extensive range of broadband replica watches infrastructure, advanced base station, client, and backhaul antennas include high-gain omni, panel, parabolic, spatial Replique Montre diversity, near-field, and sector configurations, as well as accessories.

Markets served include 2.5G/3G and 4G client and infrastructure, wireless networking, in-building cellular, municipal networks, vehicular, retail, warehousing, and many others.

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Antenna Systems 

As a leading global supplier of custom-designed and manufactured antennas, antenna sub-assemblies and modules, for the mobile phone relojes de imitacion and wireless portable device industry, Laird Technologies is a pioneer in the handset antenna market.

Our active and passive antennas combine small size with high performance, often with complete integration to handset mechanical subsystems. We are rolex replica watches leaders in solutions for Cellular, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA, HSDPA, 2.5G/3G/4G/LTE, GPS, NFC, WLAN, FM, Bluetooth and ZigBee.

Antennas & Reception Solutions

  • Mobile Device Antennas
  • Automotive Antennas
  • Vehicular Antennas & Telematics
  • Base Station & Backhaul Antennas
  • In-Building, Access Point & Client Antennas
  • RFID Antennas
  • Public Safety & LMR Antennas
  • All Antennas & Reception Solutions


Embedded Wireless Solutions

  • Bluetooth® Radio Modules
  • Summit Wi-Fi Radio Modules
  • RAMP Modules
  • All Embedded Wireless Solutions




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